Junior DivingĀ - Scuba Diving for children aged 6 years and up

The Junior Diving experience introduces children aged 6-10 years old to the thrills of Scuba Diving. Our specialist children's Instructor works individually with your child to introduce them to the equipment and how to breathe underwater. Then they put their new found knowledge into practice by completing a real scuba dive in the sea up to a maximum depth of 6ft/2M accompanied by their Instructor.

The Junior Diving experience lasts up to 1 hour and includes all the materials and equipment needed.
If you are already 6 years old, you are ready for the Junior Scuba Diving Experience.

Parents. Make your kids dreams come true and let them enjoy the magic of underwater, under the close supervision of one of our professional instructors.

Upon your departure we give you a diploma and personal photo CD on demand.